VANITATIS introducing our organic towels

Tuccas connected creating an oversized beach towels surface with style. Vanitatis magazine.



Thank you to Vanitatis team for this fantastic article:

And finally the system so that the beach towels don'tt fly away from the beach (and they are not stones). You arrive at the beach or the pool and a gust of wind comes and in addition to filling your beach towel with sand, it raises it. How many times will we have made that move? And suddenly someone got tired of doing it. That someone has a name, Germán Serrano. An entrepreneur who had a very simple idea but who will solve a 'problem' that we all suffered in the summer. After being part of innovation projects in different companies, he has decided to leave his comfort zone to look for ours in the summer and carry out an idea that has been around for a long time.