ELLE showcasting our beach towelsv

Large beach towels Tucca, connected with eachoter with no sand in between. Galmor magazine fascinated with this luxury beach towels.



Thank you to the Glamour team for this fantastic article:

"History has shown us too many times that small gestures are what change the world, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the invention of the Chupa Chups attaching a candy to a stick. Thanks to a mechanism similar to the latter, our summer afternoons on the beach will never be the same in the best sense of the word, since a Spanish company has found the key so that beach towels do not fly never again from the sand. This new brand is called Tucca, and they will change our lives, at least on vacation.
Seeing the nothing complex mechanism of operation, it is inevitable to ask: why didn't anyone think about it before? Why didn't I invent it, with the lack that I needed on the beaches of Almería? This genius of Spanish stamp has a very suggestive name Tucca (Your Connection With the Sand) and who is behind it is Germán Serrano, a psychologist with a fixation: solving a common problem, flying towels on the beach or buried in sand.

Tucca is a beach towel with a peculiarity that makes it unique, since its design incorporates four clips that allow it to be attached to the sand through the corners, making it perfectly spread out on the ground and preventing it from flying with a gust of wind. In addition, this cute beach towel also has a hidden and waterproof pocket in which to store the keys, wallet or jewelry that you forgot to leave at home as well as the tweezers themselves."