COSMOPOLITAN shows our beach towels

Tucca beach towel in the Cosmopolitan magazine cover


Thanks to the Cosmopolitan team for this article!:

Do you remember any summer on the beach, just one, in which your beach towel did not fly suddenly and without warning? Surely it is difficult for you to identify a vacation without having to place heavy objects on it so that it stays fixed (especially if you spend your summer in Cádiz, the beautiful but windy spanish city).

With summer is knocking on the doors of our agendas, we can't think of a better way to receive it than to get hold of a few essentials and, among them, a good beach towel. But, this year, we have found one that expands its versatility beyond drying (and accompanying us in our posados for Instagram, uh-huh): it doesn't get blown away with the wind. And not because it weighs more than the rest (can you imagine that was the resason?), But because it has built-in 4 towel clips that you can fix to the sand through the corners. Magic!...