Best beach towels for WOMAN

La toalla de playa premium Tucca en la revista de moda Woman Magazine. La toalla de playa que no se vuela con el viento: el accesorio estrella del verano ¿Te imaginas estar en la playa y no tener que preocuparte de que tu toalla se vuele con el viento
There are beach towels and towels. And some so beautiful that they become the star of our swim team as soon as we spread them out on the sand. However, not all of them are as comfortable as the ones we are going to talk about today, since they allow you something that most do not: take a walk quietly forgetting if you have put some weight on it so that it does not fly away.

Some time ago we began to investigate the simplest and most effective way for our beach towel to remain fixed on the ground, oblivious to sea breezes. So, we found a solution in the firm Tucca: the brand proposed four very modern and avant-garde designs that included a novelty: each one incorporated four clips, in a very elegant and light finish, which allowed the towel to be attached to the sand through the corners. In addition, they had a hidden and waterproof pocket to store valuables.
Today, they have diversified their offer with other models, such as those of the 'Moon' collection, inspired by coral species in danger of extinction and which includes four white models with geometric prints in yellow, red, blue or aquamarine colors and which include 4 towel clips to fix the towel to the ground or 'connect' it with other Tuccas (they are ready to be joined together).